Monday, March 22, 2010

f . h. e .

family home evening
every monday
It has been said.. "the only fight that begins and ends with prayer"

Reily was in charge of the song tonight.
She chose "We Will Rock You".
Taylor scratched away on her makeshift turntable.
Payton brought the percussion.
Macy danced in the background.

no fight.

Are we doing this right?


kanewoman said...

I LOVE the Griffens. This is my kind of FHE.

erin 'n phil said...

she is so awesome! please tell her not to grow up.

traci said...

We have never picked that song, but I know my boys would love to because of all the Band Hero we play. We do pick non church songs because it's the songs the little ones learn in nursery. I think this production of FHE is awesome and should be the model of all families because when we do it with a bit different theme (primary song, scripture, lesson, etc.) there is ALWAYS a fight. I'm doing this.

Mom said...

I think ALL of you should audition for Broadway......I smell another VonTrapp family in the making.