Thursday, March 18, 2010

Giving up on nice


I was doing a good Sonic (All good deeds should come from Sonic). This deed was in the form of a Rt44 Diet Coke for a friend.

I decided to repay my Rt44 debt.

My good friend will be pleasantly surprised when I show up with it. coke, diet limeade and a slush for the little one.


"Sorry ma'm your card is not going through"
(BTW-after calling the bank, I found it was Sonic's fault... Just sayin')


No cash.

The sweet little Sonic server let me go with a promise to repay my $4.79.

Turn the corner.

Rt44...on the floor.


Sip limeade.

Not limeade.


later that day, I repaid my debt...for 2 drinks...that were not even consumed


Another incident:

We were taking warm rolls to a funeral dinner.

lost for an hour and a half.
(BTW - the stake center is really only 15 minutes away. I am that amazing.)

cold rolls

ran out of gas


got rear ended.

It's just the end of nice.

Sorry folks.

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erin 'n phil said...

hahahaha - would only happen to you, and maybe Jamie. :)