Friday, March 5, 2010

raising an ulcer

we're planning a day at the beach.

Macy insists she needs her suitcase.

Mom: "Why do you need to pack a whole suitcase for a little trip?"

Macy: "I need my
swimming suit
sun block
beach towel
beach ball
umbrella - to protect me from the sun
a floaty
some fruit for a smoothie
flip flops
a surfer dude - to keep me company
a surf board
coloring book
gold earrings
a bucket
a shovel
my diary"

this is the girl that lulls herself to sleep at night with the Tiffany jewelry catalog.


and a suitcase


erin 'n phil said...

All I can say is - L.O.L. That girl is such a crack up! LOVE HER.

Hope you have fun at the beach.

P.S. You're going to freeze.

Mom said...

Sounds just like her. I'm a little worried about the surfer dude.

traci said...

I hope that fruit for the smoothie will make it. She is right on. You do need all those things for a great day at the beach.

Monica said...

I'm ok with most of it. The jewelry and the surfer dude drew some flags.
We did have fun at the beach...a little windy, but well worth it.