Thursday, March 11, 2010

Table 1 Mom 0

So, the Huz is at another conference for a few days.

I calculated. I stocked up on necessary supplies...fabric, paint, and big ideas.

What is it?

I think it's because we can count on Uncle Tyson and Auntie Ore Ida providing dinner each night at a variable time. 5:00? 6:00?

I think it's because my dishwasher can get started just before bed instead of right after dinner.

Anyway, I usually tackle some looming project...usually forbidden...or at least shot down.

Last night it was the table. The one I got an, "I told you so" after painting it peacock blue and watching the paint peel right off. This time, I was strippin' it and sandin' it. It would be an amazing work of art by the time I was finished. (despite the gaping particle board hole)

The end product will be "Nickel" in soon as the black and blue disappear.


Who does this to their foot while refinishing furniture?


Talent. Pure talent.

The table is coming along nicely. Now that it has taken its anger out by dropping its leaf on my "Mango get 'em" pedicure.

It goes both ways. I'm turning it into a craft table instead of a work of art...

Take that you big, solid, heavy piece of wood!


Kelly Bryson said...

Ouch. That stinks. I left a drill on a ladder once and moved the ladder, dropping the drill on my nose and gashing the bridge of my nose. I feel ya!

erin 'n phil said...

ouch. but colorful.

Jen Hallam said...

Your posts always make me bust a gut. I love reading about your mean adventures!